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IMS Policy

The top management of Syarikat Thong Guan Trading (STGT) has established, implemented and maintained a IMS Policy to be consistent with the purpose and contexts of our organization and support its strategic direction.

Management reviews the IMS Policy at each Management Review meeting to determine the policy’s continuing suitability for STGT.

STGT is aimed to be leader in manufacturing and trading of hot beverages, processing and handling of organic products and dry food products, and shall commit to:

  1. Manufacture or trade safe and quality products where suitable for human consumption and to conform both quality and food safety satisfy applicable requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements and with mutual customer’s requirement.
  2. Continual improvement of Integrated Management System, to meet customer’s expectation and satisfaction at most competitive cost, highest quality and reliable prompt service.
  3. Communicate externally and internally on any quality and food safety issues.
  4. Ensure competencies related to both quality and food safety

The policy shall provide the framework for setting and reviewing IMS objectives and targets, where necessary, to achieve the following:

  1. To meet customer requirements through correct, complete and on-time delivery of customers’ order
  2. To address the concerns of the customers acquired through determination of customer satisfaction
  3. To educate and train all employees to enhance technical knowledge and efficiency.

This policy will be communicated, understood and applied within the organization as well as being made available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate and be available and be maintained as documented information.

The objectives and targets shall be established at Management Review and shall be maintained by the MR.